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 Clan Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Clan Code of Conduct   Sun 23 Sep 2012, 06:10

Red Company Code of Conduct:

1- Cheating, Hacking and glitching in public is not allowed at all.

2- Racism, bad language and insulting is not allowed at all.

3- You must show all players respect, regardless of how their attitude has been towards you. Stay calm, keep thinking and show that you can behave better.

4- Team switching for assets and to win the game is not allowed, you are not the only one playing this game.

5- Follow the server rules on every server, when you encounter a problem or you think justice hasn't been server as it should be, contact the commanders in charge so we can take it to the forums and have a healthy conversation with the server's admins.

6- Don't spam on global chat, mumble or on teamspeak. When people ask you to stop it, stop it.

7- Act like an adult, so be responsible for what you do and know that every decision you make influences the clan's image and can damage it.

8- Don't argue at all, make sure your volume is acceptable, and that you are understandable.

9- Don't freak out because somebody failed at something, give constructive feedback. People will act better under pressure when they are motivated and when moral is high.

10- When playing PR be on the PRTA TeamSpeak. It is mandatory.

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Clan Code of Conduct

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